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Hand Forged Tojiro Japanese Knife 165mm

$250.00 NZD

MT-TorimatsuTojiro White Steel Migaki Finished Nakiri Japanese Chef Knife 165mm

Typical series of Tojiro. This 3-layered series has been much loved for a very long time. The edge made by skilled craftsmen provides you with amazing sharpness. Excellent size and weight for most kitchen duties. Once you have one, you will never part with it!


Knife Type: Nakiri knife

Steel Type: White SteelMigaki Finished

Blade Type: Double-edged Blade 

Blade Length: 165mm

Blade Height: 53mm

Blade Thickness: 3.5mm

Handle Length: 124mm

Weight: 136g

Use & Care

- Do not attempt to cut, hit or chop frozen products or bones. The blade can chip or break.

- Hand wash with warm water and towel dry.

- Use a sharpening stone to maintain the sharpness of the blade.

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