The Five:45 Story

In Nov 2018, we opened our shop on Cuba St, in the heart of Wellington in New Zealand, and it is now one of the most inviting retail spaces you will find, fully stocked with interesting pre-owned and new watches, as well as a wide range of watch accessories, jewellery, beautiful culinary knives and other gift items.

The idea to have a vintage watch shop on Cuba St in Wellington, New Zealand seemed pretty simple at the time. But before opening we realised there was a sizeable gap in the market, an opportunity to join exclusively with new watch brands and offer them in the New Zealand market place.

To fill this gap, we wanted to introduce a fresh range of cool, new and unique watches not available in New Zealand, and also to meet a wider range of budgets. Some of our new watch brands are recently established, smaller and independent watch companies with one-off production runs (could be anything from around 200-2000, depending on which brand you are looking at). This means that you are way less likely to find someone else wearing the same watch as you.

Come upstairs and you’ll see a great selection of items including handmade leather watch rolls and watch storage boxes, horological literature, beautiful cufflinks, uniquely designed watch movement necklaces, fine culinary knives and hundreds of watches with a mixture of new, pre-owned and vintage. Make sure you check out other brands we have carefully sourced and offer exclusively in New Zealand, including Wolf for watch storage, Bucknbear for knives, Nationwide books and Rubber B straps.