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Hand Forged Japanese knife 160 mm

$285.00 NZD

Japanese Small Santoku knife Sanjo Kawamura 160 mm. Santoku means “three virtues” because it is well suited to cutting Meat, Fish and Vegetables. It is a multipurpose knife and most popular kitchen knife in Japan. For 40 years, Master Kawamura has manufactured handmade knives in his workshop. His work was broadcast by national TV channel NHK. Forged enough to perform maximum steel quality, and the shape is very beautiful as an art. Shirogami carbon steel is not stainless. To avoid oxidation, it is recommended clean and dry after use. Blade: The edge of carbon steel called Shirogami is integrated into stainless steel. Shirogami(Carbon Steel) is one of the best Japanese steels. (It's a kind of carbon steel.) Handle: Natural wood with plastic in classic shape (For use with right hand).

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