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Book - 1000 Iconic Watches

$85.00 NZD

Wearing a watch is not only about the measurement and indication of time: it is also about a passion for design and of course elegance. This richly illustrated, finely crafted, book is a true watch-lover’s bible with a panoramic tour of one thousand iconic watches. It explores all of the emblematic brands, the complex mechanisms and the beautiful designs which highlight the watch-makers’ skills and dedication to perfection. From the great classics to modern masterpieces through to more affordable timepieces, there is something for every taste and style. A must-have for avid and experienced collectors, enthusiastic newcomers, and for anyone who has ever wished to stop, or even turn back, time.

Each chapter begins with a short and detailed history providing an insight into each of the 71 famous brands. From Omega to Rolex and Hamilton to TAG Heuer, even the most passionate and knowledgeable watch aficionado will be intrigued by the origins of each watchmaker. Furthermore, every single one of the thousand watches is displayed with an individual photograph (taken by the author on site at each manufacturer) and precise information regarding the case and movement mechanism of the watch. There is also an indicatory price scale listed beneath each watch, with prices ranging from under 565 USD to over approximately 56,500 USD.

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