New Watch Brand 'Meccaniche Veneziane' rebranded 'Venezianico'

New Watch Brand 'Meccaniche Veneziane' rebranded 'Venezianico'



Meccaniche Veneziane, has changed its' name into 'Venezianico', in order to reflect the evolution of its' vision.

Venezianico was born from an entrepreneurial initiative launched in May 2017, "Venezianico is meant to signify a way of being that goes beyond the boundaries of the city of Venice and, at the same time, encompasses all the values that inspire us."

"The original idea was to celebrate Venice through the customization of the watch mechanics, in particular rotors. Our path has led us to overcome this conception," says Alberto Morelli, Venezianico's CEO. "Today we create watches that evoke the essence of being Venetian. The shapes and materials we choose and the design solutions we apply are functional to convey the curiosity, the pioneering spirit and the search for beauty that have always distinguished the attitude of the lagoon city".

An all-around evolution

Venezianico does not break with the past by maintaining the iconic rounded-tip cross in the logo. It draws inspiration from the cross placed on the top of the Clock Tower in Piazza San Marco, a symbol of the passage of time in the city.

The transformation was necessary to adequately reflect the improvements that the company has made on various fronts. First of all, the growth of technical know-how has brought about several design innovations, for some of which a patent has been filed. In addition, the experience gained over the years has allowed the brand to attain more distinctive and refined shapes, while raising the quality standards.

FIVE:45 continues to offer the rebranded line "Venezianico", exclusively in New Zealand. 




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