FIVE:45 - Authorised Dealer for Marathon Watches - In Store and Online Now

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The latest addition to our new watch brand line-up Marathon Watches - designed in Canada and made in Switzerland are now available in-store and online now.


marathon watches marathon watches
marathon wacthes


Since 1941, Marathon has been manufacturing timing instruments for the Allied Forces, and today the fourth generation of the family continues the tradition with a wide range of instruments measuring time, temperature and distance. 

This brand has been making military grade, purpose built watches for over 80 years but many people throughout the world haven't even heard of this watch company. Current Vice President Mitchell Wein said that they started off just wanting to manufacture "excellent military watches", and historically you had to be issued one of these military tools, but then they started selling to the public because "why shouldn't everyone have a great quality, military grade watch?".

The watches we currently have in stock range in size from 32-39mm and up to 41mm and above.

34mm watches below:

marathon watches
marathon watches


FIVE:45 has been appointed as Authorised Dealers for Marathon brand watches in New Zealand.


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