8 Gift Ideas for a Watch Collector

8 Gift Ideas for a Watch Collector

It’s often the case that if your loved one is a watch collector, then you feel obliged to give them a timepiece as a gift to commemorate every important occasion. However, most watches that collectors have their eye on are pretty expensive and might not fit your budget.

Fortunately, there are still lots of watch related things you can give them that they will appreciate.

Here are the top eight gift ideas we think that you should consider...


1. Watch Box

Any collector knows the importance of keeping their treasured possessions inside a watch box. It keeps their timepieces clean and organised. In addition, it doesn’t hurt that this type of storage is so beautiful to look at, and allows them to display their watches in all their glory.

Watch collectors will love the 10-slot Wolf Windsor Box complete with a locking glass cover and smooth vegan leather lining. Aside from having 10 generous size slots, the Wolf Windsor watch box also comes with a handy drawer for storing other items such as coins, glasses, cufflinks, bracelets and necklaces.




Quality boxes, such as our Wolf brand, are guaranteed to complement any watch collection. With nearly 200 years of experience making beautiful boxes Wolf stands out as one of the very best.

2. Valet Tray

The perfect solution for tidying up the dresser, next to the bed or anywhere else for that matter! With varying compartments and spaces the valet tray is an essential item to have. 


Howard Valet Tray


The Howard valet tray, available at FIVE:45, made from quality leather and suede, offers more storage and features than your average at home or at work organizer. 

It includes a removable tray, roll for 3 watches, an outlet for a USB charger as well as a cufflink box with 6 compartments.


3. Watch Roll

A watch collector may want to take their favourite pieces away with them when travelling. The best way is with a quality watch roll which keeps them all secure in one place and protects from damage and scratches.

The Wolf racing green watch roll, shown below, is handcrafted with a hard brushed leather exterior, ultra suede lining, two watch guards, and an adjustable snap closure to secure the watches while travelling.

It also has a secret compartment to store smaller valuables such as cufflinks, rings and other precious items.

4. Watch Straps and Bracelets

If you want something a little less expensive, you might want to consider buying a watch strap or bracelet. Different straps and bracelets can make any watch feel and look different.

Straps can vary a lot in style, material, and durability. There are tons of options on the market, which can make buying new watch straps confusing. At FIVE:45 we have an excellent selection and we are very happy to give advice with what would be best and even fit it for you for you in-store, for free!

Watch Straps



5. Watch Repair Tool Kit

Watch collectors are often curious tinkerers. Consequently, they will need proper tools and equipment to fiddle with their collection without damaging their precious watches.

Watch Repair Toolkit


Most watch repair tool kits come in a portable, lightweight, handy box design and contains basic tools like a case opener, spring bar remover, antimagnetic screwdriver and tweezers, metal hammer, opener pins and pin punches, watch case holer, link pin removers, watch strap spring pins, and a watch back pry opener.

Check out this cool watch repair toolkit from FIVE:45. It has everything a watch collector needs.


6. E-gift card

An excellent and very popular solution to the perfect gift is simply the FIVE:45 e-gift card. Here at FIVE:45 you can select the amount you wish to gift, the e-gift will then be emailed for you to share and with no expiry date, the e-gift card can be used in-store and online anytime. 


7. Watch movement cufflinks and necklaces

The watch movement is the internal mechanism that allows the hands of the watch to move or operate. The different types of watch movements marked major developments in watchmaking history, so watch enthusiasts will certainly find watch movement necklaces an interesting addition to their collection.

We have a wide range of boxed cufflinks to choose from, including these watch movement cufflinks...


Watch Movement Cufflinks


We also have a wide range of necklaces including watch movement necklaces, which are all unique, and can be custom made and fitted in terms of you being able to select the chain.

Watch Movement Necklace



8. Books

All hardcore collectors want to have a thorough understanding of what they are passionate about. So, even if you think your watch collector friend or loved one does not like to read, they will surely appreciate a book that improves their knowledge about watches.




Most watch collectors are interested in the history of their favourite timepiece. If this is the case, consider giving them Paolo de Vecchi’s and Alberto Uglietti’s Wristwatches: The Models that Made an Age. In this book, the authors talk about the evolution of the most beloved wristwatch brands. It also includes a handy quick reference guide of the most popular watch terms.

For those interested to learn about the complex inner workings of a watch, you can give them Ryan Schmidt’s The Wristwatch Handbook, which clearly explains how a mechanical wristwatch works. Even a non-technical person will have no difficulty understanding it.

At FIVE:45 we carry a limited range of books which you can see and purchase in store only.


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