6 Knife Gift Ideas for Christmas

6 Knife Gift Ideas for Christmas
Knives make wonderful gifts. They are timeless, practical, useful, and often beautiful. Both domestic cooks and professional chefs will surely appreciate a gift of a sharp, exquisite, and intricately designed knife.


1.   Japanese Kitchen Knife Set

For those who love to cook, Japanese kitchen knives are certainly on the top of their must-have list.

Compared to other knives, hand-forged Japanese knives are lighter, thinner, and more balanced. With proper use and maintenance, the sharp edges of Japanese knives can last a long time.

There is a wide variety of Japanese knives in the market. If you are confused on what to buy as a gift, you can never go wrong with FIVE:45’s hand forged seisuke santoku and petty knife set.

Japanese Knife Set


Santoku means a medium, all-purpose knife in Japanese and is perfect for a wide range of kitchen needs. The petty knife covers some of the smaller, more intricate duties.

Seisuke is a brand, steeped in tradition, that have mastered the craft of forging knifes over many many years and produce very respected, high-quality blades at affordable prices. 


2.   Steak Knife Set

Steak Knife Set


Meat eaters will surely love an attractive set of sharp steak knives this holiday season. Despite their name, steak knives can also be used for many other kitchen tasks.

Your loved one will surely appreciate FIVE: 45’s steak knife set, which features the Damascus super strong VG10 steel blade. As they are razor sharp they don’t require the normal serration you see on steak knives. This makes for a much cleaner smoother cut of the meat, a true pleasure.

Damascus blades are known for their superior toughness and sharpness, with a characteristic swirled or mottled surface pattern. They are also usually harder than any other type of steel.

Most manufacturers that call their product ‘Damascus knife’ refer to the original technique used to manufacture the blade rather than to the knife being made in Damascus (now Syria).


3.   Japanese Kitchen Sashimi Knife

Japanese Kitchen Sashimi Knife


Samurai swords may be a thing of the past, but it is something that people are still fascinated by. In fact, there are people who like to collect swords, and other similar artefacts for their own pleasure.

Sakai Takayuki was originally famous for crafting hand-forged, high-quality samurais. The brand eventually shifted to making sharp, beautiful knives like the Sakimaru Yanagiba, which means ‘slicing willow blade.’

Used for slicing sashimi and carving certain types of meat, the Sakimaru Yanagiba will surely make a terrific addition to anybody’s kitchen.

Moreover, with its tip resembling that of a samurai sword, it may be the next best thing to owning an actual one, making it the perfect gift for any knife enthusiast.

Check out the Sakai Takayuki Genbu Blue Steel Sakimaru Yanagiba from FIVE:45. It features a single-edge blue steel blade with an ebony wood handle and a saya sheath.


4. Chef’s Utility Knife

Chef's Utility Knife


If you want something more Western in weight and finish, look no further than this Black Bear Knives’ chef utility knife from FIVE: 45, it will not let you down.

Black Bear is a highly respected New Zealand company that has been hand forging gorgeous knifes for many years with a fast growing following of users and admirers.

Black Bear chef’s utility knife is made with high chromium and vanadium tool steel with a hardness of HRC 60. This means that this knife will hold its sharpness for a very long time and last a lifetime! It is a multi-purpose knife and fantastic for any home or professional kitchen.


5.   EDC (Every Day Carry) Knife

Every Day Carry Knife


As the name implies, EDC knives are lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry and conceal.

BucknBear is a well-known fixed blade and folding knife manufacturer based in the USA. With admiration and respect all over the world, along with their lifetime warranty, knife enthusiasts are guaranteed to appreciate their range of knifes including the featured super practical Mini EDC. It is small enough to be concealed, plus it has a lanyard hole with keychain for easy carrying.

The Mini EDC features a VG10 Damascus blade with a Titanium handle. A VG10 Damascus blade contains a high level of chromium, making it corrosion- and rust-resistant.

Since its blade is quite hard, with HRC 61, its sharp edge can last a long time. It is perfect gift for anyone who needs to cut something especially when they least expect it!


6.   Pocket Survival Knife

Pocket Survival Knife


A pocket survival knife is one of the best gifts you can give those who love the great outdoors. Survivalists also know the importance of a pocket survival knife, as it can be used for cutting, digging, prying, and splitting things.

In addition, it can be used for hunting, food prepping, and even for self-defence.

The BucknBear Pocket Survival Knife features spring-loaded stainless steel, equipped with a glass breaker, a seat belt cutter, a compass, and a deep carry pocket clip.

Whilst some might prefer a pocket knife made of carbon steel, it is better for pocket knives to have stainless steel blades as they look and feel great and do not rust. Pretty much indestructible as well, which ensures that they will last for a very long time.


In conclusion, the best kind of Christmas gifts are those that are practical, made from high-quality materials, and long-lasting. Bonus points if they are also attractive to look at. As such, you should consider giving a knife, and FIVE:45 has a superb selection to choose from.

Browse through our offerings to find exquisite, razor-sharp beautiful knives to give to your family and friends this Xmas.


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