Time+Tide BLOGS about FIVE:45 and the first ever Sinn U1

Time+Tide is one of the world’s leading publishers of watch content. They publish a minimum of three stories a day on their website, a regular stream of videos on YouTube and whenever and whatever they feel like on social media... if you don't already follow them you should.

One of our friends from the Australian based company recently posted a blog about our shop, and regarding one of the watches we currently have in store.


This is a very special piece, it was shown to us by its previous owner and introduced to us as being the prototype. After reading the correspondence between Sinn and the former NZ based owner it dawned on us that this might be one of the most important and consequential watches SINN had ever produced, their first watch in Submarine steel and subsequently the progenitor of every U1 out there. We consider the U1 to be one of the most original tool watches produced this century, and it is probably one of their most commercially successful models ever. 



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