The Full Moonswatch Collection - On display at Five45

The Full Moonswatch Collection - On display at Five45

In April 2022 Swatch took the world by storm with the unveiling of their latest collaboration, this time rather than collaborating with a pop artist, Hodinkee or a fashion designer they co-opted the design of the Famous Omega Speedmaster Professional. Releasing a solar system themed collection that stretched from the Sun to Pluto, it was a genius piece of marketing and product design that immediately lead to the sort of lines outside stores that would normally be seen only for the latest pair of hyped sneakers or the newest iphone. 

The day after the announcement was made, i had three people come into our humble second hand watch store to ask if I would be carrying the ‘Moonswatch’. I wish. In the excitement, many would be collectors hadn’t read the fineprint, these watches would be available only through authorised Swatch Boutiques, of which there are a grand total of zero in New Zealand. New Zealand collectors began calling their friends, brothers in laws and ex colleagues in Sydney, London and New York, anywhere with a Swatch Boutique, asking if they’d do a small favour for their watch obsessed kiwi associate and stroll down to pick up a Moonswatch for them. 

Swatch made the announcement that the Moonswatch would be available for purchase online, then swifty reversed this announcement, these would in store only. Since the release, Swatch has sold more than a million Moonswatches, and many New Zealand collectors have now had the chance to get their hands on one. A strange pilgrimage took place for NZ Collectors out on their first overseas trip since the start of Covid, visit every Swatch Boutique on their overseas travels and see what they could get their hands on.


Luckily, a local collector and friend to FiveFortyFive was able, with a little luck and a lot of tenacity, purchase every Moonswatch currently available. This includes the original eleven models released, plus the ultra rare and seldom seen Moonshine and Moonshine ‘Pink Moon’ editions. He has kindly lent us the entire collection so that we can display them in our store, in all their Bioceramic Glory. We will have the collection in store for the next couple of weeks, so do please feel free to come in and see what all the fuss is about.

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