Watch Guide Video: Seiko 6105 – “Willard”

Watch Guide Video: Seiko 6105 – “Willard”

This week Ryan has three watches to show you, including two vintage Seiko "Willards" (see image on the left below), we currently have two of these in stock (check out the "Latest Arrivals" due up on our website tomorrow), as well as a modern version (which has just been sold - image below right).


These vintage watches were unusually large for their time, and not much has changed with the new version, as you can see below.


Seiko 1971 Willard Seiko Modern 2020 Willard


The 1970's Diver's timepiece was named 'Captain Willard' by fans for Martin Sheen's character who wore it in the 'Apocalypse Now' movie. This is what he had to say about it:
Find out more about vintage Seiko "Willards" , currently available in-store and online.
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