Watch Guide Video: Laco 1941 German Luftwaffe Navigation Watch

Watch Guide Video: Laco 1941 German Luftwaffe Navigation Watch

I think you will agree that Ryan's watch guide today is about a very rare and special watch. Produced around 1941-1943 and still with it's original leather band. A very limited amount of these Laco Navigation Flieger watches were produced for the German Luftwaffe.

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The term Luftwaffe is used for both the historic and the current German air force and is the German language generic designation of any air force. A flieger is a pilot or aviator watch, and majority of the modern flieger watches are inspired by the WW II pilots watch.  Like maritime navigation, aviation requires the most precise and robust, easy to read watches and clocks to determine aircraft location and flight duration.

The triangle at the top of the watch, was designed for pilots to quickly glance and differentiate it from the rest of the numbers and also importantly to determine the upward orientation.

Laco has been producing watches in Germany since 1925, priding themselves on precise craftmanship. In the 1940’s they were selected as one of only a few brands to produce the now iconic flieger watches for the German Airforce. 

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