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MWC - Hybrid Military Pilots Chronograph

$560.00 NZD

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Brand: Military Watch Company

Model: Covert PVD Hybrid Military Pilots Chronograph

Movement: VK64 Meca-quartz

Case Material: 316L PVD Steel

Case Diameter: 44mm

Glass: Hardened Mineral Glass

Water Resistance: 50m

Bracelet/Strap: NATO Nylon Webbing Strap

Condition: New

Box and papers: Both



The MWC PVD NATO chronograph is a Limited Edition model which is based on the same specification used by several other manufacturers of NATO quartz chronographs but with a number of detail improvements to improve operation and visibility. Although the watch is made to a specification which is specifically designed to meet the needs of military aircrews it is also ideal for both airline and GA pilots. The actual case size is 45.5mm and the chronograph uses a VK64 Meca-Quartz movement which is used by a high percentage of current superior quality quartz chronographs.

The difference between these hybrid watches and a mechanical chronograph is that the mechanical models are powered by a mainspring which is regulated by a balance wheel and controlled by a set of precision levers, hammers and gears. With this hybrid chronograph it is powered by a battery, regulated by a quartz crystal and also controlled by a set of precision levers, hammers and gears so, in essence, it shares some features with both a mechanical and a quartz movement, combining the feel of a mechanical watch with the advantage of quartz accuracy. The factory rating for the accuracy of this movement is +/-20 seconds a month but we find they tend to be better than this on average and vastly superior to any mechanical chronographs which tend to be accurate to +/- 2 or 3 seconds a day at best.

The biggest plus of all with the hybrid is that it will need significantly less maintenance than any mechanical chronograph and much less prone to suffering reliability issues in the long term, clearly, for many buyers, it's biggest plus is that to anyone handling this watch it will appear outwardly to be a traditional mechanical model.

When we refer to the watch as a hybrid this is because it has a battery powering the movement through coils and also a quartz oscillator, but the chronograph is mechanically actuated and controlled. Push the start/stop button and the second-hand steps into action and resets just the same as a mechanical movement would.