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Updated every week, latest arrivals are available in-store and online, whether it be watches (i.e. Rolex, Tudor, Panerai, Seiko, Omega, etc.) or accessories (i.e. knives, leather watch rolls, watch boxes or movement necklaces, etc).



We have a wide range of pre-owned watches. Please contact us directly if there is something specific you are looking for which you have not been able to find. Or if you have a watch you would like to sell or trade.



We currently have seven new watch brands which we offer exclusively in New Zealand including OrisLouis ErardUnimaticNTHBoldrVenezianico, and MWC.



Oris has been making watches since 1904. They are one of a small handful of Swiss watch brands that makes only mechanical watches.

A mechanical watch is a thing of beauty, designed according to principles that have been around for generations and will continue long into the future.

This is our collection of new ORIS watches we may also have pre-owned ORIS watches available.



Louis Erard is a boutique Swiss watch brand watchmaking since 1929. Watches are manufactured using only the best materials and applying the strictest production standards. 

They offer fine watchmaking, low production runs, at a fair price, which allows you to match your watch with every occasion and all of your favourite styles.



Unimatic is an Italian contemporary brand of minimalist sports watches. A continuous watchmaking lab, including design, elements and technical solutions blending a balance between quality and price.

These, often limited edition watches are crafted Italian made timepieces that combine great design, iconic elements and the latest technical solutions. In October 2021 FIVE:45 completed their first watch design collab with Unimatic, selling out 200 units of the U3-FFF within 48 hours. You can find out more about this collab here.



NTH Watches, by Janis Trading Company, is an American brand which was inspired by classic and vintage designs, founded on a simple guiding principle - to sell a good product at a fair price and back it up with outstanding service.

NTH is about taking vintage inspiration and infusing it with new ideas, so you can think of it as either “N-T-H” for “Nod to History”, or “enth” for taking things to the Nth degree.



BOLDR Supply Company is an outfitter brand for the urban explorers of the world. Based out of Singapore and Malaysia, these watches aren't just being bold, but about being BOLDR.

Designed to be worn, used, and abused every day, strap on a BOLDR and step out of your comfort zone.



'Venezianico' brand watches are Italian made and timeless design, inspired by tradition. Early 2022 Meccaniche Veneziane changed its' name into 'Venezianico', in order to reflect the evolution of its' vision.



MWC (Military Watch Company) is a leading Swiss-based manufacturer and a leading supplier of genuine watches, not only to the military but also to police forces, anti-terrorist units, airlines, mining companies, shipping and salvage companies.

Many manufacturers of military watches suffer problems with illegal fakes, you can be sure that MWC is the real deal.




We have a great selection of items including watch storage items such as handmade leather watch rolls (exclusive to FIVE:45) and watch storage boxes, horological literature, beautiful cufflinks, uniquely designed watch movement necklaces, socks, torches and other cool, unique and interesting watch related gift items.



Make sure you check back in with us frequently as these items sell out quickly and we always have new items for sale.

Most of our exquisite razor sharp knives are exclusive to FIVE:45.

They range from stunning hand forged Japanese and NZ made, to the best life time guaranteed fishing, hunting and tactical knives you’ll find anywhere.

Our selection is often changing so make sure you check back in again soon.




We have a wide range of watch storage boxes, leather rolls, and cases / jewellery boxes.

Some also have space for other jewellery / cufflink items. Perfect for travellers or for at home storage.



These Japanese nail clippers have been voted the best in the world, razor sharp and beautiful to use. 



This stock is limited and changes often, so if you cannot find what you are looking for make sure you check back in again soon.



We have a wide variety of beautiful cufflinks which will be delivered in a gift box.



You can also search specifically for for new watches under $1,000, or pre-owned watches under $1,000.



These are all of the items we currently have on sale in our store.

These items have been reduced in price to make room for others. 

This is where you will find new and pre-owned watches on sale.

Make sure you check back in again soon as these items sell out fast and we also add new items frequently.



Running out of time or too much to choose from? 

We also have FIVE:45 e-gift cards.