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Hand Forged Japanese Santoku Knife 170mm

$255.00 NZD

Beautifully hand-forged Japanese Santoku Damascus Saiun knife,  170mm.

So sharp you can cut perfect slices of a fresh loaf of bread and completely change your sandwich experience!

Saiun series knives are inherited from the tradition of Japanese swordsmith craftsman "Kanetsugu" (1300-1349), The blade has enough thickness and weight - strong and very sharp, like a Japanese sword. 

Made of the highest grade materials, VG10 Steel cutting edge(core) is integrated into the 33 layer Damascus steel, handle material is Micarta (is not deformed by humidity or temperature).

Santoku means “three virtues” because it is well suited to cutting Meat, Fish and Vegetables. It is a multipurpose knife and one of the most popular kitchen knifes in Japan.

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