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Meet our Microbrand Partners

Posted on September 01 2020

Meet our Microbrand Partners

The idea to have a vintage watch shop on Cuba St in Wellington, New Zealand seemed pretty simple at the time. But before opening our shop in November 2018 we also realised there was a sizeable gap in the market, an opportunity to offer some new and exciting so-called “microbrand” watches. To fill this gap, we wanted to introduce a fresh range of cool, new and unique watches previously not available in New Zealand, and also to meet a wider range of budgets.

Generally, Micro Brands are produced by smaller and independent watch companies with one-off production runs (could be anything from around 200-2000, depending on which brand you are looking at). This obviously means that you are way less likely to find someone else wearing the same watch as you. Also, most microbrands are using movements from well know watchmakers (ie. Seiko and Miyota) so you can still be sure about the quality with often a more affordable price tag.

We are proud to have four microbrands exclusively in New Zealand. These include Unimatic, NTH, Boldr Supply Co, and Military Watch Company (MWC).

Images from left top clockwise include some of our best sellers which range from $640 - $1,350, you can find more details on our product pages: NTH Devil Ray Blue, Boldr - Globetrotter GMT Unimatic U1 DZ and MWC Automatic Military Diver Red/Blue.

Feel free to contact us directly if you find something you love on our website, or click through to their websites if you want to find out more about what they do and take a look at their full range:

NTH Watch logo

NTH Watches, by Janis Trading Company, is an American brand which was inspired by classic and vintage designs, founded on a simple guiding principle - to sell a good product at a fair price and back it up with outstanding service.

NTH is about taking vintage inspiration and infusing it with new ideas, so you can think of it as either “N-T-H” for “Nod to History”, or “enth” for taking things to the Nth degree.

Unimatic Watches Logo

Unimatic is an Italian contemporary brand of minimalist sports watches. A continuous watchmaking lab, including design, elements and the technical solutions blending a balance between quality and price.

These limited edition watches are crafted Italian made timepieces that combine great design, iconic elements and the latest technical solutions.

 Boldr watch logo

BOLDR Supply Company is an outfitter brand for the urban explorers of the world. Based out of Singapore and Malaysia, these watches aren't just being bold, but about being BOLDR.

Designed to be worn, used, and abused every day, strap on a BOLDR and step out of your comfort zone.

MWC Watch logo

MWC (Military Watch Company) is a leading Swiss-based manufacturer and a leading supplier of genuine watches, not only to the military but also to police forces, anti-terrorist units, airlines, mining companies, shipping and salvage companies.

Many manufacturers of military watches suffer problems with illegal fakes, you can be sure that MWC is the real deal.


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